Monday, 11 April 2011

Nerdist! Yay!

OK, I said I'd post about something I knew about, and this is that thing:
Chris Hardwick's Nerdist Podcast. This is, quite simply, the best podcast ever. It's bi-weekly, with one of the episodes being an interview and one being a guestless, or "Hostful" episode. The hosts are Chris Hardwick, Matt Mira, and Jonah Ray. Both Chris and Jonah are professional stand-up comedians, and Matt works for The Fruit Based Computer Corporation, but is also an aspiring comedian.

Each show's about an hour long, and is awesome ninety-nine percent of the time. There can be a little swearing sometimes, for those of you who dislike bad language, but it's nothing to be too concerned about. Most guests are nerds themselves, and some interesting conversations ensue. (Anyone for a game of Dance Dance Industrial Revolution?) Anyhoo, here are some links to my own favourite episodes.

Episode 10, with Adam Savage.
Episode 32, with Felicia Day
Episode 35, with Jonathan Coulton
Episode 46, with Matt Smith
Episode 63, with Wil Wheaton



  1. I shall listen to them, if they are only audio.

  2. *goes onto iTunes Store and downloads all*