Wednesday, 31 August 2011

please work...

This is an experiment.

Edit: it worked.
Lego, Ven, and anyone else, you can comment here, and i will edit this post accordingly.

Second Edit:
It is absolutely pouring rain over here. I'm in McDonald's now... Probably will be unable to edit again. I MISS YOU GUYS! *sob* Try to make it til Monday without me.
*duels with Kal*
*hugs everyone else*


  1. Hey Niall. I will be sure to make sure people know thay can leave comments here for you.

    It was good to have you back with us even though it was so brief. :D
    I will have another duel with you. >:D It will be FUUUUN!

  2. Kal, Niall Y U DUEL SO MUCH!!

    oh, also, *hyper wave*

    I can't stop listning to Tom Lehrer and the Hadestown album :P

    I hope your having lots of fun.
    and Sangria ;)

  3. Awww...I PROMISE not to hurt Niall TOO badly! ;P
    AS if I would anyhow. He is one of my beloved brothers! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!
    But ya know Venice, I need to bursh up on my dueling skills. One never knows when a challenge may occur!
    *nods wisely*

    If I don't practice I will get rusty!
    Plus, this is good for m e cause it gets me in the mood for writing. :D
    So! HOORAY FOR DUELING! I dule with Octa too! I t's great fun!

  4. Wait. I can contact you here? Is that right?



  5. lol what octa said ^^

    kal - thats okay then. I practice every other day or so, its rather good fun. Perhaps you could come over and spar with me sometime?

  6. *wonders who wins the duel*

    *wonders if she could have a hug too*


  7. I thought about writing something here...but then I forgot. It was going to be really clever too...oh well. I can't decide if I like mcdonald's or not...on one hand, it smells awful and greasy and there's not much I can eat...but it's great for people watching, and the cashiers are so used to weirdness, you can go up to them in a horrible french accent and a little kids tutu and order a bowl of oatmeal and they won't blink an eye. Not that I've um...done anything like that...*shifty eyes*


    the rings.